Meet the Artist


"Life is Art, Live Colorfully"
My name is Mare Knapp. Among the many roles that I have in my life, I'm lucky to include the role of artist, mostly self-taught.
I'm from Veles, a small, beautiful, colorful and very cultural city In North Macedonia.
I have always been a lover of art, psychology, and archeology. All of these three loves I found in my study of "Ancient Greek and Latin Language, Antique History and Literature." 
My love and desire for a colorful life has somehow  pushed my direction into exploring and experiencing different cultures, meeting people from many other countries.  I was living with my better half for some time and discovering the beautiful cultures of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Cuba. It was there, on a remote U.S. Navy Base, that I was given my greatest gift in this world, my daughter.                                          

For the last four years I've been living and loving life on the enchanting Greek island of Crete, a paradise rich in history, natural splendor and boundless wonders.

My inspiration comes from life experiences, the feelings that I have at that moment of creation, and all the nature that surrounds this wonderful, picturesque island. However, my greatest inspiration is the divine beauty and goodness that resides inside all of us.
I see art as freedom to express myself, as a form of therapy for the soul. Art has given me that ability to push past the borders and break through the walls that had previously confined me.

My paintings are original, and the ideas come to me in the moment. Often the end result is surprising to me too, and that is the part that I love the most. It's because of this spontaneity that I can never repeat the same piece twice. It gives me the excitement to continue creating.
My desire is that my art adds a pleasant touch to your home, but also brings a feeling of joy, serenity, and a reminder of the beauty that dwells in all of us.                  

Life is Fun, Life is Art, Let's Live Colorfully!
I'm so grateful that you are joining me on this vivid, imaginative life journey.